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Dear Potential New Members,

Hi! My name is Breanna Broadrick, and oh my goodness am I excited for recruitment! Caroline Lytle, the other half to my recruitment duo, and I are so honored and thrilled to have the chance to make each of you as comfortable as possible through this time. I have been where you are not long ago, and I know how stressful and overwhelming it truly is. My hope for each of you is that you feel welcomed and loved each day that you come into our home. Caroline and I’s sole job is to do just that.  

If I could give you any piece of advice going forward, it would be to just be your genuine self. As cliche as that sounds, it’s the truth! You are awesome, valued, and beautifully created. What I value most in ADPi is the diversity that our chapter has. We are involved in a multitude of things on campus and have so many different passions. I hope you see that so evidently during recruitment. It is what sets our chapter apart, makes us succeed the way we do, and is the underlying strength behind our motto, “We Live for Each Other.”  Again, I am beyond EXCITED to get to know all of you amazing women. I hope you can find a home in ADPi the way we all have. 

Your's Truly,

Breanna Broadrick, your Formal Recruitment Chair


A letter from our New Member Coordinator

Dear PNMs,
Hi! I am patiently waiting on bid day to be here in the fall and to welcome all of our new Alphas home! I have been anxiously planning for your arrival to make sure you feel at home right away. I am grateful to be serving as the New Member Coordinator and to walk with you through the new member process. A few of my favorite memories are from times in the beginning such as our bid day party, our sisterhood retreat, and our Alpha sleepover. These memories, along with my impactful time going through the new member process are just two of the reasons why I wanted to serve in this position. ADPi is a place where you will meet some of your best friends, it is a place where you will have ups and downs but always have caring sisters there to support and encourage you, and it is a place that you will come to love and call your home away from home.

I am thrilled to be able to get to know each of you and to help you fall in love with Alpha Delta Pi like we all have in the Kappa Chapter. Hopefully through time spent together you will not only learn the history of ADPi, but you will build relationships with older girls investing in you and form friendships with members of your own pledge class. Being a new member is such an exciting time—and together we will make the most of it! The transition into college, and joining a sorority, can be challenging, but I assure you, you will not be going through anything alone. I am looking forward to welcoming each of you into our unique and genuine sisterhood! 


Meg Alford, your New Member Educator


Recruitment 2017 Registration


Registration deadline: August 31, 2017 at 11:59pm

Please Send Any Recommendation Letters to:

Alpha Delta Pi Office of Greek Life / SU Box 293969 / 800 Lakeshore Drive / Birmingham, AL 35229

Recruitment 2017 Dates

September 4&5: Philanthropy Round

September 6&8: Sisterhood Round

September 9: Preference Round

September 10: BID DAY!