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A letter from our recruitment chairs

Hey, You! We are so unbelievably excited and honored to get to see each of your faces in our home this fall. We have been preparing to meet you and share a glimpse of our sisterhood with you. We know that this process can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. Our hope is that when you come into our home you will have a stress free, comfortable, and most importantly FUN time! Neither of us had any idea what to expect going into recruitment. However, we will always look back on it as a growing and encouraging experience. The line “trust the process” cannot be more true in regards to recruitment. Everyone ends up exactly where they need to be. To some, it’s a thrilling process. To others, it can be intimidating and awkward. We want you to know that wherever you stand, we just want to know you.

If we could give you any piece advice as you are planning and preparing for this Recruitment process, it would be to remember to remain confident in the fact that we all serve a common and ultimate purpose of glorifying God. Emotions will run high throughout the week, but remain grounded in your ultimate purpose here. We are a diverse, unique, and passionate group of girls in ADPi. There is truly a place for everyone in our chapter. No matter your passions, background, quirks, or goals-- you are wanted. We hope that each night as you walk into our home you encounter faces that truly see you and feel love that is genuine and pure. We understand the challenges and obstacles that come with navigating your way through the college years and hope that you will see Alpha Delta Pi as the place that you can go to feel safe, wanted, and encouraged throughout your years here at Samford and beyond. Again, we cannot wait to get to know all of you and show you the many reasons why we are so proud to be in Alpha Delta Pi.

With love,

Sydney Locke & Madison Carnes

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A letter from our New Member Coordinator

Dear Future Alphas,

I cannot tell you how excited I am to welcome you into the house that has quickly become my home. In Alpha Delta Pi I have found my community, my support system, my mentors, and my best friends. As you run home on Bid Day, please know just how adored, encouraged, and celebrated you already are by the women in this chapter! Get ready to begin one of the biggest adventures of your life—ADPi has given me my sweetest and most hilarious memories to date.

SO many things are coming your way as an Alpha, and I can’t wait for you to experience them all! We have been working so hard preparing for you and I hope to make this such a seamless transition into Greek Life. My biggest hope is that you will pour into these girls who will be walking beside you for the next four years. You’re about to enter into a season that fosters community, brings safe haven, and creates relationships that will grow and shape you daily. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by some of the most Christ-centered girls who will constantly point you to Him. I am so looking forward to shepherding you and coming alongside you during this time. Counting down the days until we meet—Bid Day can’t come soon enough!!!

All my love,

Heather Wilson, New Member Coordinator

Recruitment 2019 Registration


Registration deadline: August 31, 2019 at 11:59pm

Please Send Any Recommendation Letters to:

Office of Greek Life: Alpha Delta Pi / 800 Lakeshore Drive / Birmingham, AL 35229

Recruitment 2019 Dates

August 29: Sorority 101, 5-7 p.m.

September 3 & 4: Philanthropy Round

September 5 & 6: Sisterhood Round

September 7: Preference Round

September 8: BID DAY!