We live for each other.

it is not just a saying

“I chose ADPI because I immediately noticed how confident and genuine these girls were during recruitment. I wanted a strong, kind, and confident group of girls who would support me during the best times and give me a hug and shoulder to cry on when life gets tough. I’ve been able to meet some of my best friends and some amazing girls through ADPi, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Go ADPi for the first and finest, forever!!!” - Catherine Smith, AC18

“It is amazing to me how so many different girls from various backgrounds can all come together because of our common values and standards we each set for ourselves and for each other. Each girl in ADPi strives to be the absolute best they can be and by surrounding herself with strong girls who not only want to make her a better person, but in turn strive to achieve excellence for themselves. This is truly the biggest blessing I could ask for.” - Maggie Mitchell, AC18

Why ADPI? Because these girls are women that I will always find myself looking up to. They make me strive to be the best me there is by celebrating each unique characteristic that makes our chapter whole.
— MaryPratt Byrd, AC17

“ADPi brought me sisters who were likeminded yet individually passionate about what they were called to.  They lead by example on campus & during summers at home. They demonstrated sincere faith. They inspired me to be the best I could be.  Now, a decade later, I’m still honored to be a part of ADPi Kappa Chapter as an advisor.  I love my “younger sisters” just as much as the ones I walked through the college years with!” - Jenny Dansby, Kappa Advisor

“ADPi means that I get to be a part of a group of women who are truly inspirational. Each week at chapter, I look around the room and think to myself, "Wow, how are there this many incredible girls in one room?!" I love ADPI because it has already given me some of the best days of my life, and it is still the first semester! I cannot wait to continue to give back to the girls that have challenged me and loved me more than I could have dreamed!” - Caroline Kizer AC18

"Alpha Delta Pi is a place of comfort for me. No matter if I’m around my best friends or girls from other pledge classes, I feel right at home. The community I’ve found here is genuine and kind. It’s something I didn’t know I wanted so badly, until I found it. I’m surrounded by people that love and support me and, best of all, want to see me do my best. I’m thankful for the friendships that Adpi has brought me and the lessons it has taught me. The women in our sorority aren’t just for the fun times; they are here for good and the bad. I’ve learned to be more intentional, to love deeper, and to serve better. For that, I am thankful. I'm thankful to have another home away from home." -Meg Alford, AC15

"The girls I now call sisters are so much more than my 'college friends' they are my lifetime friends. I know that the friendships I have formed here in Alpha Delta Pi will last forever. Sure, there was a time I thought Greek Life might not be for me, but now I can see that ADPi has brightened every area of my life and enhanced my entire college experience. They are my secret keepers, my advice givers, my encouragers, my staying-up-late-laughing-hysterically girls, my sisters, and my best friends."  -Lauren Kostoff, Alum

ADPi is where my best friends are. With them, I can freely be myself + be loved + be encouraged despite my flaws. ADPi means being surrounded by women that are genuine, hilarious, adventurous, gracious, cool, kind, strong, intentional, beautiful, driven, and loving. Oh boy, I am so thankful for my girls + what Alpha Delta Pi means to me.
— Alyson McDonald, Alum

"It's my home away from home. It's staying up 'til 1am in the house every night laughing and talking with my best friends (who are way cooler than me). It's where I can be vulnerable, confident, and silly. ADPi has given me the community everyday of amazing friends, which I needed in college."-Lucy Brown, Alum

Alpha Delta Pi taught me to be confident in my abilities and beliefs. I learned from so many sisters what it looks like to be a confident young lady with a little bit of sass. Alpha Delta Pi also helped me spiritually and mentally. I became such great friends with girls struggling with the same things as me. We help each other work through our issues, fears, and doubts while celebrating each other’s accomplishments. They helped me try to live life to the fullest, not care what anyone thinks, and to be proud of myself.
— Nicole Caston, Alum

“It is nearly impossible to put into words what ADPi means to me, but I'll give it my best shot. ADPi is more than a sorority or a few letters thrown together. ADPi is built up of beautiful women and giving hearts. It is encompassed by selflessness and compassion. My past three years at ADPi have been more than I could ever hope for. Every girl in our chapter encourages me, comforts me and points me closer to Christ. These women aren't sisters by association, but they have truly become a part of my family. They challenge me to be my best and amaze me with constant laughter and happiness. ADPi means pure joy, day in and day out. Without ADPi, I would be missing out on lifelong friendships that fill my heart with the greatest sense of love. I'm forever thankful for the impact ADPi has left on me so far, and I can't wait for the future, knowing that ADPi will forever be a part of my story.” –Nellie Hoehl, Alum