beyond the accomplishments - Lydia Johnson

"The closer I approach graduation, the more I realize what a gift it is to be constantly surrounded by women that know and love you. My sisters in Alpha Delta Pi are involved in nearly every facet of Samford’s campus life, making our sisterhood a diverse place, but also providing a variety of connections across the university. Whenever I enter into a classroom or meeting, I am bound to see at least one ADPi sister. I take comfort and am so humbled in knowing that each of these women would live for me and encourage me to pursue the best this life has to offer. I am continually encouraged by the way I see these women utilizing their diverse passions and gifts to glorify the Lord, encourage others, and better their worlds. Kappa Chapter has women serving on campus as Student Recruiters, Student Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Bible study leaders, and peer mentors. Off campus, our women are world-travelers, missionaries, interns, lab assistants, servants, and leaders. The Kappa sisters have gone on to become editors, musicians, doctors, teachers, attorneys, accountants, business executives, moms, and world-changers. But these accomplishments are not what necessarily sets our chapter apart. It is the heart and soul of our sisterhood— the goal to pursue fellowship, humility, loyalty, and excellence in all that we do— that distinguishes our community.

Because of these facts and my incredible experiences within Kappa, I will enter into the world after college empowered with confidence, a strong community, and the belief that young women are able to accomplish incredible things. My Alpha Delta Pi sisters bless me every semester with their diligence and hard work to continually maintain our sorority’s history as the first and finest, forever."

Lydia Johnson, PC15