ADPi is Family- Macy Marin

Coming into my freshman year at Samford I didn’t know anyone, and I was so desperately looking for my home away from home. I found that home in Alpha Delta Pi. I always thought of a sorority being girls who were close friends and went to events together. Though that might be true, it is so much more. ADPi is going to waffle house at 2 am during finals week, laughing uncontrollably with girls you just met a few months before, or having your sisters make you dinner when you've had a long day- ADPi is family. But most importantly Alpha Delta Pi is having sisters that show you Christ’s love and encourage your walk with the Lord through all situations. I have found my best friends through ADPi, girls that will love and support me for the rest of my life no matter if they are in the room next door or 1,000 miles away. Even though a college career is only four years, ADPi is forever. I have been blessed to serve as Kappa Chapter’s Alumnae Relations Chair and through this position I have met some of the most honest and kind women. No matter their age they are always willing to give back to the sorority that molded them and bonds us together. They have become my mentors and role models in so many ways. It just goes to show that Alpha Delta Pi is so much more than just a sorority. I am so very thankful God brought me to these girls and this house. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I am so proud to be an Alpha Delta Pi.  


Macy Marin, Alpha Class 2015