i Found a Place I Never Thought Existed - Maria Aguilera

"Before coming to Samford I never thought I would be in a sorority. All I saw of the Greek system was what I saw on television and movies, which is so unbelievably far from reality its preposterous. No one in my family had every been in the  Greek system and really not many people from my small town knew anything about it. Coming to Samford I craved something that I had never had before, something that was tragically absent in my life in my hometown: the joy of being surrounded by like-minded people. I had a church community, childhood friends, and school friends. But while each had separate elements I loved not one group of people contained everything I yearned for: A group of people who not only fearlessly pursued their faith in Christ but also uninhibitedly sought kindness, open-mindedness, and the constant pursuit of academic and personal successes. I saw all of these qualities at Samford and would soon find an abundance of them in the sisterhood of Alpha Delta Pi.

As I went through recruitment I was constantly torn between two sororities. Each night I was sold on either one and every night went to bed with an internal battle that couldn’t settle on a decision. I prayed continuously for a sense of peace with a choice in either one because I knew I’d be happy at either. Finally, on preference night as I visited the house of Alpha Delta Pi and another sorority I told each house that I was torn and I really couldn’t have peace about either decision. Both told me to picture the girls I wanted to run to on bid day, and the house those girls belonged to would be my home. I thought this through and came to the conclusion that one house represented my current position in maturity, while the other house represented the woman that I yearned to be; the woman I hoped to be in four years as I graduated (one such senior example coincidentally ended up being my Great-Grand Big), and the woman that God intended me to be. I knew immediately the girls I would run to, girls that I could only pray to be anything like, the WOMEN that had all the qualities I admired: ambition, grace, faithfulness, leadership, genuineness, and humility: the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi. After receiving my bid and commencing with the days activities I looked around me at the women I aspired to be, and the women that would grow with me on this journey of not just four years but a lifetime. I saw the laughs and love of Bid Day celebrations and every day since then. I have truly found a place I never thought existed, a home of like-minded, brilliant, kind and loving women."

Maria Aguilera, PC15